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What are the styles of lighter inflators?

Update:07 Nov,2022
Summary:Flat push:Features: The flat push lighter inflator can be automatically emptied when inflated, and i...
Flat push:
Features: The flat push lighter inflator can be automatically emptied when inflated, and it is equipped with an oil channel, an air channel and an air leakage alarm device for the charging cylinder. It is easy and labor-saving to charge the lighter with the pedal lever. When the gas is sufficient and quantitative, the compressed air is instantly discharged when the air nozzle drags the card away. It saves 10% of energy than traditional inflators and 30% of energy than simple inflators. The inflated case does not burst, and it is stable and durable in use.
Equipment: No need for air pump and booster equipment. If you use liquefied gas tanks to connect multiple units, it can also be automatically emptied and depressurized. The working environment has low noise.
Features: The lighter is inflated by a horizontal push, and the quantity is accurate.

Features: The inflator of the vertical lighter is blocked by the partition wall in the casing. When inflating, the space in the lower casing of the gas nozzle is first filled, but there is still air above the other end of the partition wall, and it is necessary to increase the pressure. When it is filled with liquid, and the air nozzle pulls the card away, the liquid is instantly discharged, and there is still compressed air in the casing, which is easy to burst.
Equipment: Air pump and booster equipment are required.
Features: When there is sufficient air, the compressed air in the casing cannot be discharged, but the liquid is discharged.