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What should we pay attention to when using gas lighters?

Update:14 Nov,2022
Summary:Gas lighters are an essential tool for most households and individuals to ignite, and they are mainl...
Gas lighters are an essential tool for most households and individuals to ignite, and they are mainly made of plastic shell lighters. The fuel of these lighters is inflammable and explosive, and the shell material also has the possibility and probability of automatic explosion. Causing catastrophes, improper storage will also bury a safety hazard. Ningbo Ouqi Smoking Set Co.,Ltd. has taken stock of some precautions for the use of gas lighters, hoping to help everyone enhance their awareness of explosion-proof and fire-proof.

1. Lighters cannot be used as toys
The first action of many friends when they get a gas lighter is to open the test fire. In fact, the correct way is to hold the lighter in the hand for at least 30 seconds. The reason is that after the lighter is transported and stored, there is a certain difference between the gas chamber temperature and the ambient temperature. Hold for a while to let the liquid vaporize to reduce the adverse effects of temperature differences, so that ignition will be smoother.
Second, don’t keep igniting repeatedly. A lighter is not a toy. The ignition of a gas machine requires a process. Repeated ignition not only seriously affects the mechanical life, but also deforms the spring mechanism. The reason is the same as you repeatedly bend a wire.

2. Pay attention to maintenance
Lighters are consumables, so pay attention to maintenance! Flint gas lighters need to clean the ignition port regularly, this is because the dust after the flint friction will fall around the ignition port, and the ignition port of most gas machines is very fragile, once blocked, only Can be repaired.
Furthermore, the ignition port of the gas engine must not be cleaned with liquid!! In addition, silver-plated or silver-clad machines can be wiped with silver-wiping cloth or silver-washing water. Most of the 80% new machines will be in a state of more than 95% after wiping.

3. Don't try to fix it yourself
The structure of the gas engine is very complicated, especially the many springs and hairsprings inside cannot be reassembled after disassembly without special tools due to space and hardness problems.