Cautions when using a cigarette lighter


1. Do not overload with a cigarette lighter Mobile phon […]

1. Do not overload with a cigarette lighter

Mobile phones, driving recorders, car vacuum cleaners and other equipment are increasingly used. Many car owners will buy car chargers with multiple connectors or use inverters. At this time, we must pay attention not to overload.

If the circuit is overloaded or overloaded, it is easy to cause the fuse to blow, electrical equipment to be damaged, or even to damage the automobile circuit.

2. Avoid using in-vehicle products whose quality is not high enough

Due to the limited power of the cigarette lighter jack, we must pay attention to the quality of on-board electrical equipment when using external equipment. If you buy some cheap and unguaranteed electrical equipment, it may be harmful to the car's circuit system and blow the fuse. It may even cause damage to the vehicle's circuit system.