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Established in 1992, Ningbo Ouqi Smoking Set Co., Ltd. is an experienced Electronic belt lighter manufacturers in China, It is a large and medium-sized private enterprise specializing in wholesale Electronic belt lighter and other types of lighters. We always insist on quality first. Our company has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system standard certification, and obtained "export product quality license", and obtained BSCI certification, "ISO9994" quality inspection and appraisal, corporate trademark "WANSFA", and obtained China's well-known trademark. As a Electronic belt lighter factory, our products sell well in Europe, America and other countries and regions in the world. Welcome new and old customers to visit!


[Industry Knowledge Development]
An electronic belt lighter is a type of portable, battery-powered device that uses a heating element to generate a flame for lighting cigarettes or other objects. It is designed to be worn on a belt or carried in a pocket, making it a convenient tool for smokers. Some electronic belt lighters may also feature other functions such as a flashlight or a built-in USB charging port for electronic devices.

An electronic belt lighter is a type of lighter that is designed to be worn on a belt or waistband. It is typically used for lighting cigarettes, but it can also be used to light candles, incense, or other materials that need to be ignited. The lighter uses an electronic ignition system, which means that it does not require a flame to work. Instead, it uses a spark or an electric current to ignite the material. Some electronic belt lighters are powered by a battery, while others may be rechargeable. They can be a convenient and safe alternative to traditional lighters, as they do not produce an open flame.

An electronic belt lighter is a type of lighter that uses electricity to create a spark, rather than a traditional flint and wheel mechanism. These lighters typically have a heating element, such as a small metal coil or ceramic plate, that is heated to a high temperature by an electric current. When the heating element comes into contact with a substance that is flammable, such as paper or a candle wick, it can ignite the substance, producing a flame.
To use an electronic belt lighter, you simply press a button or flip a switch to turn on the electric current and heat the heating element. When the element is hot enough, you can touch it to the substance you want to ignite, and the flame will be produced. Some electronic belt lighters may also have safety features, such as a protective casing or an automatic shut-off, to prevent accidents.
Overall, the working principle of an electronic belt lighter is based on the ability of electricity to generate heat and ignite flammable materials.

Electronic belt lighters, also known as plasma lighters, are a type of lighter that uses electricity to generate a plasma arc instead of a traditional flame. Some characteristics of electronic belt lighters include:
Flameless: Electronic belt lighters do not produce a flame, but rather use a plasma arc to ignite materials. This makes them windproof and safer to use than traditional lighters.
Rechargeable: Electronic belt lighters typically have a rechargeable battery and can be charged using a USB cable.
Compact: Electronic belt lighters are small and portable, making them easy to carry with you on the go.
Durable: Many electronic belt lighters are made from durable materials like metal or plastic, making them resistant to wear and tear.
Versatile: Electronic belt lighters can be used to ignite a wide variety of materials, including cigarettes, candles, and campfires.
Environmentally friendly: Because they do not use lighter fluid, electronic belt lighters do not contribute to air pollution. They are also reusable, reducing waste compared to disposable lighters.

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