Electronic lighter introduction


The electronic lighter synchronizes the impact of the i […]

The electronic lighter synchronizes the impact of the impact block with the gas source through the mechanical mechanism. When the end of the wire strongly vibrates and hits the air molecules at the gap, the air molecules also generate strong vibration. The products are novel in style, various surface processes, solid color, spray pearl paint, rubber paint, matt paint, stickers, frosting, etc. The product quality is stable.
The voltage of the electronic lighter is close to 10,000 volts. Never use a multimeter to measure, but because it is a pulse, the current is very small, and it is not dead. In the coastal areas, the air breakdown of 1cm is usually 20,000 volts.
With the piezoelectric effect of ceramics, the pressure on both sides of a special ceramic piece will produce an electric directional flow, which will generate electric current. If the small component is disassembled, the lowermost ceramic piece and the mechanism for tapping it will be found. This ceramic is a piezoelectric ceramic. Correspondingly, if it is energized, it will vibrate. The most common one is the ceramic buzzer, which is a kind of metal disc with white ceramic on it. It is often seen on e-cards. . If you have a rhythmic AC and a suitable resonance chamber, you can send out simple electronic music. Some adapt to a high frequency, in the ultrasonic range, can be made into, for example, an ultrasonic atomizing humidifier.