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How to use car cigarette lighter

Update:26 Mar,2021
Summary:1. The purpose of the car cigarette lighter The car cigarette lighter is an electronic device that i...
1. The purpose of the car cigarette lighter The car cigarette lighter is an electronic device that is similar to the power outlet of the household electricity. It is connected to the car power supply through a plug and then leads to multiple cigarette lighter sockets. The cigarette lighter socket is very useful for car owners who often use car electronics. If it is used for mobile phone charging, MP3/MP4 and other digital products are charged. In addition to the car cigarette lighter, it can also be equipped with a car inverter, which can convert the 12V, 24V or 48V DC power on the car to 220V /50Hz AC power supply for ordinary electrical appliances. The car inverter is best to adopt a split type, and the electrical power used is limited to 150W or less, and the output current will not be greater than the battery current.
2. What to do if the car cigarette lighter is broken The use of the car cigarette lighter is very simple. When you press it, the power is turned on and the resistor is heated. After you release it, you can light up the cigarette. In the event of unavailability, proceed from the following points:
1. Check whether there is a problem of poor contact. The card is not tight. The cigarette lighter power supply will generally not be broken. If it is not used for a long time, the contact will be poor. You should insert the plug to the end and turn it.
2. Open the fuse box, find out where the fuse of the cigarette lighter is, and unplug it. You have a spare fuse for a pack of fuse box. Replace it.
3. Press the cigarette lighter of another car to try it. Will it pop up when it becomes red? It will pop up, indicating that the original cigarette lighter is broken, for example, the heating wire is short.
4. It may not be just a fuse. You may always plug in the navigation or external electrical appliances. You can buckle the toe of the cigarette lighter when you click the iron carefully and it will burn the fuse.
5. In order to prevent the cigarette lighter from malfunctioning, we must pay attention to it when using it, pay attention to some precautions when using the cigarette lighter, and pay attention to the working voltage of the cigarette lighter. This is also very important. For the first use or long-term unused, please connect the charger first, then disconnect and reconnect the charger for charging. Please disconnect the power supply immediately after fully charged. Do not connect a fully charged battery to the power supply for a long time. Overcharging will shorten the battery life. Because the smoke needs to touch the heating wire when lighting, special care should be taken not to press the heating wire too hard. If tobacco and other things fall into the heating wire, please clean it in time to extend the service life of the product.
2. How to choose and buy First of all, you need to pay attention to the interface of the cigarette lighter. Some cigarette lighter socket outlets are USB, some are directly separated from 2-3 cigarette lighters, and some are household electrical sockets. Therefore, when choosing a cigarette lighter socket product, pay attention to the type of interface. The second is to choose a multi-hole socket according to your own needs. Some cigarette lighter sockets are double holes, some are three holes, and some are even four holes. Car owners choose porous cigarette lighter sockets according to their own habits of using car electrical appliances, not that the more holes the more convenient. The more holes there are, the greater the amount of heat generated during use, which will increase driving safety hazards. The correct way to use cigarette lighter sockets is to choose the appropriate number of sockets. Third, each cigarette lighter porous socket has a maximum output power and a maximum passing current, and the total current of the automobile electrical appliances used cannot exceed the maximum current and maximum output power of the cigarette lighter porous socket. This is an important indicator to ensure the normal operation and safety of the multi-hole socket of the cigarette lighter. Finally, the appearance design of the multi-hole socket of the car cigarette lighter is also a standard for purchase. As the car’s personalized outfits are becoming more and more sought after by new car owners, the personalized design of the cigarette lighter porous socket is even more fashionable. Cigarette lighter porous sockets can also be more than simple to use, but can also cleverly match the interior decoration style with their excellent appearance and color, making the car more fashionable.