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Small allusions about lighters

Update:04 Aug,2016
Summary: Many people regard the United States as the birthplace of lighters. In fact, these glittering gadge...

Many people regard the United States as the birthplace of lighters. In fact, these glittering gadgets originated in Britain. In 1917, during the First World War, a very strange poster appeared in front of some tobacco stores in Britain. A soldier holds a cigarette in his mouth, holds a rifle in his hand, and holds a meeting in the other hand Fizzy gadgets. I do not know what the people think the British military has introduced what new weapons, in fact, it is only today is already known for everyone lighters.

It is learned that the lighter was invented by a young London man named Alfred Danhill. At that time, he learned that frontline soldiers who wanted to smoke often failed to ignite because of damp matches. So he decided to develop a portable but not damp lighters, and later, with the help of a chemist, he invented a metal lighters and roof structure composed of lighters. This type of lighters was not put into mass production until 1924 after improvement, and most of the front-line smokers had not had time to spend it and World War I was over.

The manufacturing center for lighters in the world has been transferred to China. China has obvious labor cost advantages. Each year more than 15 billion domestic lighters are manufactured, of which over 6.5 billion are exported. Has formed a complete plastic lighter industry including raw material supply, parts manufacturing, product assembly, the most important production base is Ningbo (the main production of plastic electronic lighters), Guangdong (mainly to produce plastic wheel lighters) and Wenzhou (Mainly to produce metal lighters). However, due to fierce competition in the industry and a high degree of marketization, more than 30 domestic manufacturers of lighters and about 30 manufacturers with a production capacity of over 100 million. The main global lighters include the French listed company BIC,
Swedish listed companies SWEDISH MATCH, Japan TOKAI, Spain FLAMAGAS, the company ranks fourth in the world sales, TOKAI, China's lighter manufacturers have accounted for more than 95% of the global market share of lighters. China has become the major producer of electronic lighters, the exporter, the production of electronic lighters accounted for 70% of the world total output