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How long is a typical lighter in cm?

Update:20 Jun,2022
Summary:A normal lighter is about 6 cm in length. It is a kind of small firearm. Modern lighters can be divi...
A normal lighter is about 6 cm in length.
It is a kind of small firearm. Modern lighters can be divided into liquid lighters and gas lighters according to the fuel used; according to the way of ignition, they can be divided into flint lighters and electronic lighters.

1. Practical
Nowadays, the living standard is constantly improving. From the perspective of practicality and environmental protection, people leave matches and buy lighters instead. There are 1.88 billion smokers in the world. For such a large group, the demand for lighters is very huge, and As a practical advertising medium, the lighter's role is self-evident.
2. Collection
Today's lighters are not only practical, but also developed into a unique handicraft with high ornamental and collection value. There are more and more people collecting lighters. It is said that there are about 2,000 people in China who collect lighters.
3. Gifts
Since the cost of lighters is not high, it is a good gift for smokers.
4. Advertising
Nowadays, lighters have gradually evolved into a new type of advertising media, and savvy manufacturers are willing to use them, especially for tobacco and alcohol products, and they regard lighters as an ideal promotion partner because of their low investment, long-lasting effects and clear target groups. , So similar enterprises such as beverage companies, hotels, restaurants, etc., but unfortunately there are not many choices for excellent lighter manufacturers.
5. Environmental protection (compared with matches)
Matches will consume a lot of firewood and destroy the forest. Lighters made of metal shells are very environmentally friendly. Because the metal shell is used for a long time and can be recycled. Plastic lighters have a short lifespan, but the plastic casing can also be recycled.