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How to use the rechargeable lighter?

Update:13 Jan,2022
Summary:The ignition device of the rechargeable lighter is very different from other lighters. Here, the res...
The ignition device of the rechargeable lighter is very different from other lighters. Here, the resistance coil and the miniature battery replace the flint and fuel. The principle is similar to that of the cigarette lighter on the car, which is very convenient. Let's take a look together.

The rechargeable lighter uses two piezoelectric ceramics and a carbon film resistor. Through the mechanical structure, a certain pressure is given, so that after the two ceramics are touched with electricity, sparks are emitted to ignite the butane gas, which is a relatively advanced lighter. When purchasing lighters, first choose the variety and style you like, and then choose according to the following requirements. The electroplating sleeve should be bright and clean, and should not have defects such as blistering, peeling, peeling, etc.; the alumina layer should not have whitening, serious water stains, mandarin duck color and peeling; the initial index ignition rate should be more than 90%; Gas lighters must not have obvious phenomena such as rushing and shrinking. After the fuel tank is refueled, there must be no leakage of oil; after the gas lighter is inflated, there must be no leakage of air. The adjustment of the flame adjustment disk and the adjustment screw at the bottom should be flexible and can control the flame height.

Usually use extra attention to detail. Including: the flame size of the lighter is unstable, causing burns on the user's hand or face; the lighter is placed on the windshield and exploded due to the high temperature in the car caused by the sun; the oil leak of the lighter causes the burning flame to quickly escape to the user when igniting If the lighter does not have a safety switch device, it will ignite by itself when it is rubbed, or it is easy to ignite when children get it, causing an accident; when the lighter is accidentally dropped on the ground, it will break.