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What are the safety precautions for storing gas lighters?

Update:26 Sep,2022
Summary:Gas lighters are an essential tool for most households and individuals to ignite, and they are mainl...
Gas lighters are an essential tool for most households and individuals to ignite, and they are mainly made of plastic shell lighters. The fuel of these lighters is inflammable and explosive, and the shell material also has the possibility and probability of automatic explosion. Causing catastrophes, improper storage will also bury a safety hazard. The author takes stock of some precautions for the storage of gas lighters, hoping to help everyone enhance their awareness of explosion-proof and fire-proof.

Do not store gas lighters near gas tanks and gas pipes to prevent the lighter from exploding and detonating gas. Some domestic gas stoves have problems and cannot be ignited automatically, and need to be ignited with a lighter. Therefore, do not put the lighter next to the gas tank after ignition.

After the gas lighter is heated, it is easy to explode. Therefore, do not place the lighter in a place exposed to direct sunlight, such as a window sill, especially in hot summer.

Gas lighters should be stored away from heat sources to prevent deflagration from heat, and places that are prone to high heat, such as stoves, high-heat lamps, and heating machines, should be kept as far away as possible.

Fireworks and firecrackers occur in large numbers every year, and some of them are caused by lighters. Therefore, when you need to carry fireworks and firecrackers for celebrations such as grave sweeping and the Spring Festival, do not mix lighters and firecrackers.

Volatile fuels such as gasoline and alcohol, storage places for highly volatile flammable and explosive materials such as ether, and warehouses for storing flammable and explosive chemicals will have a certain amount of flammable substances volatilized in the air. Do not store lighters here.

Do not store the lighter on the dresser where cosmetics and hair products such as mousse are placed to prevent the lighter from exploding and detonating these cosmetics. Many cosmetics contain alcohol, and hair products such as mousse are flammable and explosive.

Many households have aerosol insecticides. Most of the aerosol insecticides are flammable and explosive. Therefore, lighters should not be stored together with insecticides.

High alcohol is flammable, and some high alcohol may explode. Try to avoid mixing lighters with alcohol. Many people like to smoke with one hand and wine with one hand, and mix lighters with wine, which can easily lead to tragic disasters.

In summer, the temperature is high. Once the fire is turned off and the door is closed, the car will be very hot. Therefore, try to avoid leaving the lighter in the car to prevent the high temperature from causing the lighter to explode and ignite the car.

Gas lighters will explode if they are violently impacted, and may cause combustion. Therefore, fires caused by this are not uncommon. Therefore, the place where lighters are stored should not only prevent the lighters from falling, but also prevent heavy objects from falling and impacting.

Combustible dust can also cause explosions. Therefore, lighters should not be stored in places where there is a large amount of fine coal dust, cotton wool, flour and other dusts in the air.