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What is a gas igniter?

Update:12 Oct,2022
Summary:Gas igniter lighters, also known as "igniters". According to records, since about 45,000 BC, the anc...
Gas igniter lighters, also known as "igniters". According to records, since about 45,000 BC, the ancients ignited either by friction, twisting or drilling of wood, or by hitting each other with flints; later, they also used pneumatic principles to ignite - ignition pumps or pneumatic igniters. It is a small firearm, and modern lighters can be divided into liquid lighters and gas lighters according to the fuel used. Gas lighters use organic fuels, which can be liquefied and decompressed (open the valve) after a little pressurization and cooling.

Movement shell This is the inner part of the lighter body, and the appearance of the lighter is called the body shell. The casing of a high-quality lighter is generally made of high-quality stainless steel and is durable.
The oil storage cotton ball is placed in the movement in the form of a cotton ball, and is soaked in lighter oil to achieve the purpose of oil storage. A good lighter has a longer storage and use time.

The flint of the high-quality flint lighter has rapid ignition power, high ignition rate and superior performance.
Mixed steel wire asbestos core is made of glass fiber with excellent combustion performance. A good lighter, under normal use, if there is coal ash or flint fragments blocking the asbestos core, just use tweezers to remove the asbestos core, and use scissors to remove the asbestos core. It can be reused by lightly trimming its front end, usually several times, and the lighter has a long service life.

The lighters of the good lighters are all manufactured by scholars who participate in the research and have the ability to rewind 6-7 thousand times.