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What kind of gas is used in lighters, and the choice of lighter gas?

Update:17 Oct,2022
Summary:Today, I will explain to you the gases commonly used in inflatable lighters. Gas cylinders like this...
Today, I will explain to you the gases commonly used in inflatable lighters. Gas cylinders like this one (with metal and plastic nozzles) can be used to inflate lighters. Be sure to pay attention to the inflation nozzle of the gas before inflating. If the inflating nozzle does not match, it will not be able to inflate normally, or even damage the air intake core of the lighter.

For domestic gas lighters, it is recommended to use domestic butane gas, high-quality butane gas, high pressure, less impurities, high ignition point, easier to ignite after refilling, and more durable. For example, the common inflatable ports can be directly inflated. Of course, some manufacturers produce gases or lighters for export trade. The gas nozzle and the air inlet may not match well, so they cannot be inflated normally. You can use the adapter with the gas bottle to transfer Then inflate.

Inflation method:
Shake the refilling gas tank up and down several times to increase the pressure of the gas cylinder, then the gas cylinder filling nozzle is vertically downward, the air intake hole of the lighter is facing upward, and press down to inflate, press down for about 5 seconds each time, two times. It can be filled up after three times. Some models have a small amount of overflow during inflation, which is a normal phenomenon.
After the inflation is completed, because the gas just added is very cold, it needs to wait for about 5-10 minutes before use. If there is still no fire after 5-10 minutes, please adjust the size of the gas adjustment valve.

1. Always keep the air in the fuselage. Check the air storage capacity of the fuselage. As long as you shake the lighter and hear the sound of liquid (butane-based liquefied gas) hitting, it means that there is still gas in the fuselage.
2. When refilling, there should be no open flame or fire around, to ensure safety. Do not add gas while smoking, let alone heat it with fire to prevent cracking. Try to choose to refill in a well-ventilated place.
3. Qualified butane gas should be selected. Inferior gas impurities have large ignition point and low ignition point, which may damage the lighter or reduce the service life;
4. When firing and adjusting the flame, do not aim at the face or get too close to the face, so as to avoid accidents caused by the flame spraying out.
Common domestic brand gases, such as Baicheng, Focus, Aili, etc. are all good, you must not buy three-free butane gas, most of those gases have low pressure, large impurities, low ignition point, not easy to ignite, not durable, and firepower. Small.