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Lighter variety classification

Update:05 Jun,2019
Summary: Flint steel wheel lighter The steel wheel is made of special steel and has teeth on the outer circu...

Flint steel wheel lighter The steel wheel is made of special steel and has teeth on the outer circumference. The flint is made of low temperature alloy, and the ignition point is around 160 °C, and the heat is large.
The flint is placed against the steel wheel surface by the spring, and is heated by the steel wheel during operation to generate an ignition fire. This kind of lighter is not as light as other lighters, but it produces more sparks and a higher burning rate.
Piezoelectric ceramic lighter The piezoelectric mechanism is provided in the ignition mechanism. Under the action of mechanical stress, piezoelectric ceramics cause relative displacement of the internal positive and negative charge centers to cause polarization, resulting in oppositely bound charges on the two ends of the material. Therefore, when the piezoelectric ceramic element is subjected to the impact pressure, mechanical energy is converted into electric energy, and an instantaneous high-voltage electric spark is emitted at the tip to ignite the fuel.
There is a magnetoelectric converter inside the magnetic induction lighter. During operation, the magnet and the coil move relative to each other, changing the magnetic flux, generating a discharge voltage, causing a spark between the electrode air gaps to ignite the gas.
Battery lighters use integrated circuit batteries or ordinary batteries as energy sources. When the circuit of the capacitor and the transformer is turned on, a high-voltage electric spark is generated to ignite the gas.
Solar lighter After being exposed to sunlight or other light, its photocell converts light energy into electrical energy and charges it into the battery. When the battery is used to charge the capacitor, the boosting coil instantaneously generates a high anti-electromotive force, and an electric spark is discharged between the insulated diodes to ignite the gas.
Microcomputer lighter A lighter is equipped with a battery-powered microcomputer. The integrated circuit of the microcomputer has an automatic circulation system. When the circuit is turned on during operation, it can be ignited. Once the flame is extinguished by the wind, it will automatically re-burn.
Gaseous lighter: The standard pressure is 24 degrees Celsius and exceeds 104kpa.
Rear-mixed lighters: These types of gas lighters burn air and fuel after ignition.
Premixed lighter: The fuel gas of this type of gas lighter is mixed with air and burned.
Disposable lighters: These types of lighters are filled with fuel and cannot be refilled.
Re-inflatable lighters: These types of lighters can be refilled with an external gas tank or inserted into a new fuel tank.
Adjustable lighters: These lighters provide a means to freely adjust the height of the flame.
Automatically adjustable pipe lighter: This type of lighter provides a means to automatically increase the flame height from upright to tilted.The set is specially designed for the pipe.