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Precautions for the use of lighters

Update:30 Apr,2021
Summary:First, the first action to get a gas lighter is to turn on the test fire. In fact, the correct way i...
First, the first action to get a gas lighter is to turn on the test fire. In fact, the correct way is to hold the lighter in your hand for at least 30 seconds. The reason is that the lighter passes through the transportation and storage process, and the air chamber temperature and the ambient temperature are certain. The difference, hold for a while to let the process of liquid vaporization reduce the adverse effects caused by the temperature difference, so that the incineration will be more smooth; second, do not continue to repeat the incineration, the lighter is not a toy, and the incineration of the gas machine requires a process. Repeated incineration not only seriously affects the machinery Lifespan, together will cause the tension spring organization to deform, the reason is the same as you repeatedly bend an iron wire.
Flint gas lighters need to clean up the incineration port regularly. This is because the dust after the flint conflict will fall around the incineration port. The incineration port of most gas machines is very fragile. Once blocked, it can only be repaired; furthermore, the gas machine is burned The mouth must not be cleaned with liquid! In addition, silver-plating or silver-coated machines can be scrubbed with silver cloth or silver washing water. Most 80% new machines will definitely become 95 new or higher through scrubbing.
The structure of the gas machine is very complicated, especially the many tension springs and hairsprings inside are due to space and hardness issues. Without special tools, they cannot be assembled after disassembly!