Tell you how to buy a lighter?


1. The hand-feeling quality lighter will pay great atte […]

1. The hand-feeling quality lighter will pay great attention to the science of adult men or women's hands when designing, so that it fits the length of the second section of the finger, making the grip more comfortable.

2. The sound is loud and beautiful. The sound of a beautiful lighter when it is turned over is to be heard. Hong Liang is a quality lighter. Many fans of lighters start from the common light when they hear it open.

3. Good touch When you buy a lighter, touch the lighter of the lighter with your hand, the degree of tightness of the lighter is moderate, naturally it will make you feel comfortable when you fire, it is very smooth.

Usually use the details of special attention. Including: the flame of the lighter is unstable, forming a face or face burn of the face; the lighter is placed on the windshield, and the blast is caused by the high temperature inside the car due to the sun shining; the oil spill of the lighter causes the incineration of the fire to be agile to the user. On the body; there is also a lighter without a safety switch device, and the conflict is self-pointing, or the child is easy to point at the time to form an accident; when the lighter accidentally falls to the ground, it breaks or blasts.