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The cigarette lighter has this function in addition to lighting

Update:06 Feb,2021
Summary:Basically, cars of any price will be equipped with a cigarette lighter. Many people are wondering wh...
Basically, cars of any price will be equipped with a cigarette lighter. Many people are wondering what is the use of this cigarette lighter if I don’t smoke. In fact, the cigarette lighter has this function in addition to lighting.
New function of cigarette lighter: power port
Someone may ask, isn’t there a USB port in the car? Why do you need a cigarette lighter as an electrical port?
Not every USB port on the car can be used as a power port. For example, the USB interface in the multimedia area of ​​the Xinqijun center console is generally used as an audio input interface and cannot be powered.
Moreover, the voltage of the cigarette lighter and the USB interface are different. The USB interface is usually a 5V power supply and cannot supply power for high-power electrical equipment, while the car cigarette lighter interface is a 12V power supply, which can be connected to a car air pump and a driving recorder. , Vehicle-mounted purifiers and other equipment, and supply power for them.
What should I pay attention to when using a cigarette lighter?
As the cigarette lighter is used as the power port, it is necessary to consider the circuit safety issues involved. Next, we will understand the correct use of the cigarette lighter and precautions.
1. Don't overload with cigarette lighter charging
Mobile phones, driving recorders, car vacuum cleaners and other equipment are increasingly being used. Many car owners will buy car chargers with multiple connectors or use inverters. At this time, be careful not to overload them.
If the circuit is overloaded, it is easy to cause the fuse to blow, electrical equipment damage, and even damage the car circuit.
2. Avoid using in-vehicle products of poor quality
Due to the limited power of the cigarette lighter jack, we must pay attention to the quality of the on-board electrical appliances when using external equipment. If you buy some cheap and insecure electrical equipment, it is likely to harm the car's circuit system and blow the fuse. , And even cause damage to the entire vehicle circuit system.