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The evolution of smoking

Update:13 Jan,2021
Summary:Smoking utensils generally refer to tools and appliances related to smoking tobacco and its products...
Smoking utensils generally refer to tools and appliances related to smoking tobacco and its products, which have been continuously developed with the progress of society.   
In the early days when smoking devices appeared, people's living conditions were relatively backward. To adapt to this, smoking sets are mostly made by people using local materials, which is relatively rough.   
Later, as tobacco and its products became common, smoking articles also developed. The biggest difference from the early days is that in addition to paying attention to the most basic functions, people began to pay attention to the decorativeness of smoking sets.   
Snuff bottle is a very representative smoking article during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The snuff bottle appeared in the Ming Dynasty and popular in the Qing Dynasty. It was an enamel vessel for holding snuff as a tribute to the royal family by European missionaries. It is said that Kangxi also invited craftsmen who made utensils to teach skills at the Yangxindian Manufacturing Office to produce fine snuff bottles.   
Compared with the high-end snuff bottles, dry tobacco rods have more grounding affinity. Its shape is simple, easy to use, and can be carried around. It is a kind of smoking appliance with a wide range of use and a long history in my country.
The pipe has smooth lines and is divided into two parts: bucket body and bucket handle. Tobacco pipe not only has practical value, but also has high artistic and collection value. The famous modern writer Lin Yutang has a hobby of collecting pipes.   
With the introduction of foreign culture and the improvement of production level, copper cigarette holders, cigarette holders and cigarette holders made of crystal agate or other jade began to appear.   
Smoking set is not only the embodiment of the development of productivity and technological level, but also the crystallization of people's aesthetic consciousness in a certain era and a certain region. From single to combination, from practical to artistic, the evolution of smoking utensils can reflect the evolution of history and culture and the changes of the times to a certain extent.