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The historical origin of Huozhezi

Update:02 Apr,2021
Summary:According to the history of Huozerzi, the earliest matches were invented by our country in 577 AD. I...
According to the history of Huozerzi, the earliest matches were invented by our country in 577 AD. It was during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Wars broke out. The Northern Qi was forced by the enemy and the shortage of materials, especially the lack of fire, made cooking problems. The match was invented, but the matches in ancient my country were nothing more than a kind of material to start fire. Later, it was introduced to Europe during the Marco Polo period. Later, on this basis, Europeans invented modern matches once called "foreign fire". "Foreign Fire" can make fire by friction. The person who invented this match was Walker of the United Kingdom. In 1826, he made a paste of antimony sulfide and potassium chloride using gum and water, applied it on the matchstick and pulled it on sandpaper to produce a fire.
However, early matches produced two very fatal shortcomings: (1) Yellow phosphorus is very scarce and easy to spontaneously ignite when exposed to heat, which is very dangerous; (2) Yellow phosphorus is poisonous, and workers who make matches will die if they are not careful. . In 1852, after the improvement of the Swedes from Tastorum, the safety match was invented. Phosphorus and sulfur compounds are used as pyrophoric materials, which must be rubbed on the box coated with red phosphorus to start a fire, which improves the safety level.
Since matches were only invented in the North-South period, how did the predecessors make fire? The ancients used two wood branches to rub against each other to make a fire, and later used flint and iron, but it took a long time to make a fire, one or two minutes. The appearance of matches has made people’s lives more convenient. In modern times, lighters and electronic lighters have gradually replaced the status of traditional matches, but matches have a unique aspect that is irreplaceable, that is, the flames they produce. The color is the most beautiful.
3. The manufacturing method of the fire-folding box The fire-folding (folding) box is a set of fire sickle, flint, and fire-folding box. The fire-folding box is a convenient lighting and fire-taking tool that is easy to carry. A better way to make fire paper is to soak white (sweet) potato vines in water, take out the pounding, then soak, add cotton, reed tassels, pound again, dry, add nitrate, sulfur, rosin, camphor, etc. Flammable It is made of substances and a variety of spices. Finally, it is folded into a flat tube or twisted into a rope. It burns as if there is no fire at night and puts it in a bamboo tube. When it is taken out, it will burn immediately. It is flammable and suitable for the wealthy and emperors of the feudal era. However, ordinary fire-folding paper is just ordinary unpunched paper money, but it can also be scratch paper. When making the paper, cut the paper to a length longer than the bamboo tube, then roll it up with a moderate degree of tightness, and roll it to the size of the bamboo tube, and finally insert it into the bamboo tube. Then ignite and cover with a ventilated lid. When you need to use it, pull off the lid, and then gently blow on the fire folder. Of course, you need to blow skillfully. In the past, it was mostly used for smoking hookahs and lighting fires in the countryside.