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Type of disposable lighter

Update:11 May,2019
Summary: 1.Functional divisionMainly divided into: open flame lighter, windproof lighter, grinding wheel lig...

1.Functional division
Mainly divided into: open flame lighter, windproof lighter, grinding wheel lighter

2.The appearance of process division
From the appearance of the lighter can be divided into transparent, translucent, solid, candy, frosted, spray (rubber), snakeskin, spray paint, vacuum coating, all-inclusive paper, semi-coated paper, granular paper

3.The model division
Lighter models are generally represented by 3 to 4 alphanumeric symbols, each with its own independent shape, up to dozens, such as:
909, 606, 721, 309, 2018, 860, 156, 111, 818, 658, 520, and the like. For production assembly, each model must have a corresponding set of molds and assembly remakes for this model.

4. From the high temperature performance
The disposable high-temperature performance of common disposable lighters on the market is about 50 degrees. Above this temperature, the lighter is likely to leak or explode.
Export models Due to the requirements of customs inspection and other factors, the high temperature performance of lighters generally needs to reach 55 degrees or more; the EU countries have higher requirements, the high temperature resistance should reach 65 degrees or more, and the use of weighted electrons (need to comply with ISO9994 standard).