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What are the tips for lighter collection?

Update:23 Jul,2021
Summary:To identify the year of manufacture of the Zippo lighter, just flip the bottom of the lighter to mak...
To identify the year of manufacture of the Zippo lighter, just flip the bottom of the lighter to make it clear. 1932-1956 are written in block letters, and 1957-1976, written in italics, "Zippo". Participated in the production of the flame stamp "Zippo" trademark since 1977. Since 1957, all Zippo lighter bases have been engraved with a mark representing the year of production, which is convenient for collectors to identify. There are four types of production year marks:-used from 1957; "│"-used from 1966 to 1979; "/" -Used from 1974 to 1981; "\"-Used from 1982 to 1986.
Each type of mark has been used for eight years, with a maximum of eight, which are engraved on both sides of the Zippo trademark. Beginning in 1986, in addition to the year, the mark of the month has also been added. The right side of the trademark uses Roman numerals to indicate the year of production (Ⅱ for 86, Ⅲ for 87), and English letters on the left to represent the month of production (A for January, B for February).
The lighter manufacturer tells you Surprise! Preservation tips for Zippo lighters
GeorgeG.Blaisdell is the founder of Zippo, (nicknamed "Mr.Zippo" in 1895-197. He invented the Zippo lighter, which represents male beauty, photosensitive and heat. In addition to its practicality and wind resistance, every Zippo is A work of art has a preservation value. If you think you are a tasteful smoker with an expensive cigarette in your mouth, but you do not hold a Zippo in your hand, it is really not convincing.
The lighter manufacturer tells you that the more than 300 million lighters produced by Zippo enjoy life-long maintenance services, and one is not left. In 1932, the first Zippo came out, and 10 years later, the production volume broke the million mark. By 1969, the number of Zippo lighters on the market had exceeded 100 million. On April 15, 1996, the third billion Zippo was shipped. If these 300 million lighters are laid flat, it is enough to cover a football field including the shooting area with a 12.8 cm thick layer.
Each Zippo lighter has a circulation, and collectors should consider the ability of the lighter to take over in the second-hand market. Zippo sterling silver has a higher appreciation potential and a higher degree of collection. The second is the craftsmanship of lacquer, inlay or screw, which are more favored by collectors.
The first-generation ZIPPO has long been in the pocket of collectors, and the price of a replica of the out-of-print 1932 prototype is much higher than that of the regular ZIPPO.