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What are the types of lighters? (1)

Update:07 Dec,2020
Summary: 1. Flint steel wheel lighter: its steel wheel is made of special steel, and the outer toothed flint...

1. Flint steel wheel lighter: its steel wheel is made of special steel, and the outer toothed flint is made of low-temperature alloy. The ignition point is about 160°C and the heat is large. The flint is pressed against the surface of the steel wheel by the spring, and is heated by the friction of the steel wheel during operation, causing ignition. This kind of lighter is not as light and fast as other lighters, but it produces more sparks and a higher ignition rate.

2. Piezoelectric ceramic elements are installed in the ignition mechanism of the piezoelectric ceramic lighter. Piezoelectric ceramics, under the action of mechanical stress, cause the internal positive and negative charge centers to shift relative to each other and become polarized, which leads to the appearance of bound charges with opposite signs on both ends of the material. Therefore, when the piezoelectric ceramic element is subjected to impact pressure, the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy, and an instantaneous high-voltage electric spark is emitted at the tip to ignite the fuel.

3. There is a magnetoelectric converter inside the magnetic induction lighter. During operation, the magnet and the coil move relative to each other, change the magnetic flux, generate a discharge voltage, and generate a spark between the electrode air gaps and ignite the gas.

4. The rechargeable lighter and the electronic cigarette lighter can charge the built-in lithium ion battery through an external power supply. The fully charged electronic cigarette lighter can be used to light cigarettes. It takes 4 to 5 seconds to light a cigarette. Because the heating wire heats up to light the cigarette, there is no open flame, not afraid of wind and cold weather.

5. After solar lighter is irradiated by sunlight or other light, its photovoltaic cell converts light energy into electric energy, which is charged into storage battery. When the battery is in use, the capacitor is charged, and the boost coil instantly generates a high resistance electromotive force, which emits an electric spark between the insulated diodes to ignite the gas.