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What are the ways to refill a lighter?

Update:05 Sep,2022
Summary:1. When refilling, there must be no sparks or sparks around to ensure safety. Do not refill while sm...
1. When refilling, there must be no sparks or sparks around to ensure safety. Do not refill while smoking, try to refill in a well-ventilated place;

2. Qualified butane gas should be used, the ignition point of inferior gas impurities is low, which may damage the lighter or reduce the service life;

3. When refilling the lighter of ordinary models, please turn the lighter upside down, align the gas outlet of the gas bottle and cover the air inlet of the lighter, and press it several times for about 2 seconds each time; if the gas cannot be filled, it may be There is excess air left in the air box. At this time, you can deflate the air. Use a small screwdriver to align the air inlet to deflate the air quickly 1-2 times, and then perform the air refilling operation;

4. When adding air, please use a flat-blade screwdriver and other tools to loosen the screw cover of the air inlet, and then follow the above steps. After refilling, the screw cover can be screwed flat, but not too tight; otherwise, the cover will not be compacted, the sound of the cover will not be crisp, and the gas will escape. The hardcover loudspeaker should be filled with a special air nozzle;

5. When the gasoline engine is refueling, the head cover should be opened, the movement should be pulled out and reversed, and the outer sponge should be opened to add an appropriate amount of gasoline. After the gasoline penetrates into the inner sponge, cover the outer sponge, and then put it into the casing;

6. After refueling various lighters, wait at least 1-5 minutes for the temperature of the newly charged gas to reach room temperature, and wait for the residual gas attached to the lighter to completely evaporate before ignition. If the ignition operation is carried out immediately after adding gas, it is difficult to ignite because the gas just added is very cold, and the residual gas on the surface of the lighter may be ignited, causing unnecessary danger. After refilling the gas, the flame height may be too high or too low due to different gas pressure ignition points, which is a normal phenomenon, and the flame height can be adjusted appropriately.