What is the difference between the principle of windproof lighters and ordinary lighters?


1. Windproof lighter: Using Bernoulli's principle, wind […]

1. Windproof lighter: Using Bernoulli's principle, windproof lighters use a higher gas ejection speed, which can form a lower pressure on the appropriate part of the lighter's air flow channel to "suck" more air in It is fully mixed with the gas of the lighter, reacts violently, and burns. The high temperature formed by the flame makes the gas expand more and the pressure increases, so that the flame is ejected at a higher speed. So it is not easy to extinguish. If the fire is extinguished, the hot metal grille will instantly ignite the fire again. The simple description is as follows: 1. Increase the air jet to provide sufficient combustible gas; 2. Increase the heat accumulation and provide the ambient temperature for the continuous combustion of the gas. This is done by the filament (at the nozzle).
2. Ordinary lighter: The main components of the lighter are the ignition mechanism and the gas tank. When the ignition mechanism is activated, a burst of fire is emitted to the gas area to ignite the gas. The ignition mechanism is the most active part in the evolution of lighters, and it is also the more complicated part of the structure. According to the characteristics of the ignition mechanism, lighters can be divided into flint steel wheel lighters, piezoelectric ceramic lighters, magnetic induction lighters, battery lighters, solar lighters, microcomputer lighters.