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What's the matter with the gas lighter not igniting?

Update:24 Oct,2022
Summary:What's the matter with the gas lighter not igniting?Many people encounter inflatable lighters that c...
What's the matter with the gas lighter not igniting?

Many people encounter inflatable lighters that can't be filled after charging. There are several reasons for this situation:
1. Your air is too open, the air moves too fast, and the flames disappear in a flash. You try to turn off the gas a little; the gas is too small to be ignited, please try to open the gas a little larger! (Some lighters can only fire within a small range, so try it slowly).

2. The pressure of the gas you purchased is not enough. For example, Baicheng lighters are basically authentic butane gas with a pressure of 3.6-4.2 atmospheres. It is recommended to buy high-pressure gas. When buying, look at the pressure instructions outside the gas cylinder. Be sure to use it. high pressure.

3. The purity of the gas is not enough. This is the case with some non-branded or pirated gases (some bad gases will also have impurities, which may cause the gas outlet of the lighter to be blocked). The solution is to light the gas in the lighter and buy it again. Fill a bottle of good gas into it (this situation is relatively rare, and general gas is still ok).

4. Please wait for 5 minutes after inflating before use. If it still doesn’t work, open the valve slightly (that is, turn it slightly to the “+” side). this case).

5. The gas is not inflated (many novices encounter this problem), the verification method is to let out the gas to see if there is any gas released; (in addition, some lighters need to adjust the valve under the lighter to the minimum before inflating, otherwise it will be difficult to inflate. Fill it in) (The other is that the gas filling port is blocked and the gas cannot be filled in. You can blow the gas filling port, this is very rare!).

6. Induction touch lighter, no sound to the touch, please try another button battery.