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Windproof lighter is what should pay attention to

Update:04 Aug,2016
Summary:1. Do not burn for a long time: Do not try to use your little z as an oil lamp, because regular long...
1. Do not burn for a long time: Do not try to use your little z as an oil lamp, because regular long-term burning will cause the spark wheel to anneal, which will seriously affect the ignition performance of the high-hegemony.
2. Do not rub on the hard objects: Do not rub on the ground, stones, wood friction, it will seriously damage the fire wheel, will eventually lead to fire, but also as far as possible not in jeans Sparking has a certain impact on the spark wheel.
3. Do not go to tune the lid in the lid: a lot of new people in pursuit of lighters cover the lid when the sound effects, and then to tune the baffle, in fact, this is very dangerous, because in the absence of experience, it is easy to put The baffle break, it would outweigh the benefits, the forum had a member, the new hand has not yet covered the hot machine, put the baffle to the broken, but unfortunately.
4. If your high-hegemony burning more than 10 seconds, please do not pinch the wind wall immediately pull the liner, because the metal's thermal conductivity is very strong, at this time of the wind wall can not be your hand hot But enough to hurt your fingers.
5. Do not wind up: Although the high windbreaker is universally acclaimed, but in the last resort, do not deliberately go to the wind ignition, or the wind test before the fan performance. Because in the windy time, will accelerate the burning of the cotton core, thus accelerating the carbonization of the cotton core, for example, after the fire in the strong wind, the carbonization rate of cotton core can be normal times the normal use of N times.
6. Remember to stay away from fire when fueling: oil can burn, of course, is dangerous goods, so be sure to leave the fire source.
7. Practice play far away from flammable products: Do not try to play in a place full of flammable and explosive place to cool, such as bed, horse stumbles, people have missed, in case accidentally lead to disaster, is not trouble Play.
8. Newcomers do not immediately practice five finger turn: a lot of new people to see the forum in the beautiful game video, envy endless, in fact, this is a long-term accumulation of a process, if you practice five fingers to turn it easily fall to the ground, The cover wrestles, though it will not affect the normal use of the spark. But it will seriously affect the use of small z beautiful, a cover z / z move the z look very ugly. If you really accidentally wrestled, do not use brute force to pull.
9. Do not put the small z and sharps together: such as keys, fruit knives and other metal objects together, especially black ice or mirror class machines, it is easy to scratch the fuselage surface.