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A brief introduction to rechargeable lighters

Update:22 Oct,2021
Summary: The basic working principle of the rechargeable lighter is: connect a piece of piezoelectric materi...
The basic working principle of the rechargeable lighter is: connect a piece of piezoelectric material (crystal structure) to one end of a thin wire. The air source is turned on and synchronized. When the impact block hits the other end of the piezoelectric material block with a certain impact energy or force, the internal molecules of the piezoelectric material will vibrate strongly and transfer the vibration energy to the wire. Since the ratio of the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire to the cross-sectional area of ​​the piezoelectric material block is very large, the molecular vibration in the wire has a great tendency to strengthen. When the end molecules of the wire vibrate strongly and hit the air molecules at the gap, the air molecules also vibrate strongly. The trajectory of the vibration of air molecules is the electric spark (arc light) we see. These electric sparks (arc lights) are actually the trajectories of the air molecules vibration when the wire molecules vibrate strongly and transfer energy to the metal material at the air outlet of the lighter, indicating that the air molecules at the gap vibrate very strongly. According to the theory of vibration, strong vibration means that the material temperature is very high. When the temperature exceeds the ignition point of the liquefied gas in the lighter, the gas that escapes will be ignited to form a flame. The flame is the image of the gaseous material molecules that vibrate violently. This is the basic working principle of the lighter, and the principle of other electronic lighting devices is the same. Using the piezoelectric effect of ceramics, pressure on both sides of a special ceramic sheet will generate a directional flow of electricity, thereby generating current. If you disassemble that small component, you will find the bottom ceramic sheet and the mechanism used to strike it. , This kind of ceramic is piezoelectric ceramics. Correspondingly, if it is energized, it will vibrate. The most common one is a ceramic buzzer, which is a metal disc with white ceramic on it. If it is powered on, the frequency of the sound emitted is very high, within the ultrasonic range, it is the element that emits ultrasonic waves in the B-ultrasound probe.
This principle cannot solve the problem of voltage boosting, and the DC can be boosted to tens of thousands of volts by using a switching power supply.
Rechargeable lighter function
One: the characteristics of electronic lighters
1. USB interface rechargeable cigarette lighter, heating wire heating, no open flame
2. Windproof, no gasoline required, and can be taken on the plane
3. Charging via USB, it can be fully charged in 2-3 hours at a time
4. It can be used for more than 150 times when fully charged, and the cigarette is normally lit for about a week
5. This product can be with or without memory (optional)
Two: Function description of charging lighter
1. Banknote verification function
2. Windproof function
3. Battery overcharge, circuit protection function
4. Comes with 10-second power-off function
5. Can be connected to the computer USB port for charging
6. Fashionable appearance
7. Logo and various patterns can be printed on a large area
8. No need for lighter oil, environmentally friendly and pollution-free
Three: Performance parameters of electronic lighters
(1) Polymer lithium battery
1. The capacity is 500mAh
2. Battery voltage 3.7V, termination voltage 2.75V
3. The battery discharge life is more than 500 times
4. Fully charged can light up to 200 cigarettes (on the length of time for personal lighting)
(2) Heating wire
1. Power 7W, resistance 1.9 ohm, diameter 6mm
2. Life span is about 3000 hours
3. The heating wire burns red within 1 second
4. Working current 1.8A
(3) Appearance size
Length x width x height 85x42x9
(4) Currency check function
Detect banknotes using purple light emitting tubes
Four: Product introduction of electronic lighter:
1. A new generation of USB electronic cigarette lighter, with a stylish and classic appearance, exquisite atmosphere, and first-class feel
2. It abandons the traditional charging method, and the selected high-quality rechargeable battery can complete hundreds of charging and discharging processes, which is fast, convenient and safe to use
3. When charging, you only need to connect the USB port to the U port of the computer or a charger with an output voltage of 5V and an output current of 3000MA or less to start charging.
4. At one end of the cigarette lighter, a high-tech violet banknote detector is embedded, which can identify the authenticity of banknotes and cigarettes for you
5. Using the new high-grade lighter, for men, they are not smoking cigarettes, but feelings. The enigmatic expression of the man when he swallowed and spit the smoke, as well as the elegant and calm posture when the cigarette was lit, all evoked imagination. Nowadays, lighters are not only a choice for men. The more fashionable women are also attracted by their beautiful and exquisite lighters.
6. The genuine and environmentally-friendly cigarette lighter replaces traditional gas and fuel energy sources. It no longer produces harmful gases when lighting the cigarette. It is safer, fireproof and windproof without flames. Such energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and safe new products are of course suitable for use by people with identities, as well as good business gifts.
Five: Precautions for electronic lighters
1. The USB connection of this product is only used for charging. It can be connected to any charger with an output voltage of DC5V and an output current of 3000MA or less, such as a computer or mobile phone charger.
2. Before the battery is fully discharged, just use it and charge it will extend the life of the battery
3. For the first use or if it has not been used for a long time, please connect the charger first, then disconnect and reconnect the charger for charging. Please disconnect the power supply immediately after fully charged (generally 3 hours for full charging) Do not connect the fully charged battery to the power supply for a long time