Differentiate lighters from the fuel and structural features used


The types of lighters can be classified into three type […]

The types of lighters can be classified into three types: oil cotton lighters, gas lighters and electronic lighters, depending on the fuel and structural characteristics used.
A cotton wool lighter: using gasoline as a fuel, the steel wheel conflicts with the carbide stone, and the lighter is eliminated.
Gas lighter: It uses liquefied butane gas as fuel, and steel wheel conflict calcium carbide as the ignition source. The size of the flame can be adjusted. The transmission fire structure has three types: conflict type, pick-up type and hand type.
Electronic lighter: Using two pieces of piezoelectric ceramics and a carbon film resistor, after a mechanical structure, giving a certain pressure, after the two ceramics hit the electricity, it is announced that the spark is burning with butane gas, which is a relatively high-grade lighter.