Electronic Lighter Product Introduction (2)


1. At the end of the cigarette lighter, a high-tech pur […]

1. At the end of the cigarette lighter, a high-tech purple banknote detector light is embedded, which can identify the authenticity of banknotes and cigarettes for you.
2. Use the new high-grade lighters, for men they are not smoking, but feelings. The enigmatic expression of a man when he swallows smoke and fog, and the elegant and calm posture when lighting a cigarette are all imaginative. Nowadays, lighters are not just the choice of men. More and more fashionable women are attracting attention because they have beautiful and lighter.
3. A real environmentally friendly cigarette lighter, which replaces traditional gas and fuel energy sources, no longer produces harmful gases to the human body when smoking, and is safer, fireproof and windproof without a flame. This energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and safe new product is of course suitable for people with identity, as well as a business gift.