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How much collection value does the classic lighter have?

Update:25 Jun,2021
Summary:Nowadays, lighters are not only of practical value, but also developed into a common craft. And for ...
Nowadays, lighters are not only of practical value, but also developed into a common craft. And for its high ornamental and preservation value, it has been valued by many collectors. Now, the price of some classic design style sparkling fuselages on the market has nearly quadrupled. The price of classic lighter fuselage has risen three times. I saw in the ancient culture street of Tianjin. Lighters of different shapes were all over the shops. There were "guns" as large as more than 1 meter in length, "flower pots" as small as thumbs, and eighteen. Common weapons, Chinese zodiac signs, furniture, home appliances, animals, fruits, bicycles, motorcycles, golf courses, and the Olympic Bird’s Nest... "Now, one of the classic lighters in the store is the '97 souvenir edition,' with a picture of smoking on the front. At that time, the price was 350 yuan. Now, the market price is more than 1600 yuan, and the value has increased by nearly four times.” The owner of the shop, Pang, told reporters that the lighter preservation is also divided into brands. For example, Dupont is the best lighter in the market, and it is generally a quantitative version. The domestic price is above 5,000 yuan, and it is not surprising that the price is tens of thousands of yuan, and the general price is also close to 1,000 yuan. Dupont has launched a quantitative appreciation lighter every year since 1989. Although the price is not low, a lighter of that year has increased by nearly 10 times in 10 years, and the return on investment is considerable.
"For the preservation of lighters, quantitative products are the key. Generally, a variety of quantified within 10,000 pieces is of preservation value. The smaller the circulation, the greater the room for value-added." Tianjin City Liu Guangfa, the Private Collection Association, told reporters that, secondly, it depends on the brand, and the preservation of mid-range and even high-end lighters can preserve the value and value-added space of the collection. For example, the internationally renowned lighter brands include S.T.Dupont, Zippo, Flamidor, Givenchy, Cartier, BIC, IMCO, Parker, Colibri, etc. In addition, it depends on whether the lighter itself has artistic connotation or preservation features such as souvenirs, and the craft style of lacquer, inlay or screw needs to be considered. Generally speaking, novice collectors can choose relatively simple styles, such as sterling silver styles. Its collection degree and value-added potential have been widely recognized in the market in recent years.