How to charge an electronic lighter?


The rechargeable lighter is charged by USB or by a char […]

The rechargeable lighter is charged by USB or by a charger similar to the charging data and recycled. The charging time is about 1.5 hours to 3 hours. Under normal use after being fully charged, it can be used for about a week without the need for inflation. Oil, and its service life is relatively long, can be charged and discharged for hundreds of hours.
Rechargeable lighters produce high temperatures through electric heating wires to ignite cigarettes. Its ignition device is very different from other lighters. The resistance coil and micro battery of this lighter replace the flint and fuel of ordinary lighters. The principle is the same as that of cars. Cigarette lighter is similar, very convenient, in addition, its battery can be charged through the USB port, so it is more suitable for IT people and other people who often sit in front of the computer.