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How to identify the value of a lighter

Update:19 Oct,2019
Summary: 1. Quantitative releaseNot all quantitative values have preservation value. In fact, the so-called ...

1. Quantitative release
Not all quantitative values have preservation value. In fact, the so-called quantitative issuance of many brands is just a gimmick. The number of detailed quantitative issuances is not disclosed to customers. Therefore, the value of such quantitative products is very limited. For the preservation of lighters, generally one type is within 10,000 pieces and all have preservation value. The smaller the circulation, the greater the room for value-added.
2. Brands
Second, we must look at the brand. Brands are very important, and some lighter brands that are primarily produced with the preservation of the collection as a marketing intent, especially those worthy of preservation.
3. Quality grade
The grade of the lighter should be in the mid-range and above. In order to meet the needs of different levels of customers, lighters of the same brand often produce products of different grades, and their prices are also different. The general preservation of mid-range and even advanced lighters can guarantee the value and value-added space of the collection.
4.  Preservation characteristics
It depends on whether the lighter itself has the characteristics of preservation or intrinsic preservation, so that it can be sublimated into the preserved elements. In addition, the craftsmanship of the lacquer, inlay or screw is worth considering. Generally speaking, the first-time collectors can choose a relatively simple style, such as the style of sterling silver, its preservation and value-added potential has been recognized in the market in recent years.