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Do you know all this knowledge about lighters?

Update:18 Jul,2022
Summary:What kind of garbage is a lighter?Lighters belong to other garbage, that is, garbage other than haza...
What kind of garbage is a lighter?
Lighters belong to other garbage, that is, garbage other than hazardous garbage, recyclables, and kitchen waste. Like most household hygiene products and composite products, which are composed of various materials and components but are difficult to disassemble, such as lighters, pens, umbrellas, etc., they belong to other garbage.

How to throw away the liquid in the lighter?
Just throw it into other trash cans.
The oil in the lighter is liquefied with butane, and the boiling point is -0.5C. If the shell of the lighter is broken, the butane that was originally liquefied into a liquid will immediately vaporize into a gas and volatilize into the air. Small, even if it encounters Mars, it will generally not cause a fire. I usually see many people throwing lighters directly into the trash can without any problems. It is for this reason that lighters with liquid can also be thrown directly into other trash cans without worrying about dangers such as burning.

How to dispose of disposable lighters?
When throwing lighters, do not drop them from high altitudes, as this may cause an explosion. The correct disposal method is to put it in a cool place, and then dispose of it together with other garbage when it is determined that there is no gas leakage.

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