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The correct way to inflate a windproof lighter?

Update:30 May,2022
Summary:1. Exhaust the air in the lighter first, use a screwdriver or other tools to press the air inlet at ...
1. Exhaust the air in the lighter first, use a screwdriver or other tools to press the air inlet at the bottom of the lighter and press it a few times.
2. The valve that adjusts the size of the flame cannot be closed, and it does not need to be opened to the maximum. Shake the lighter upside-down inflatable bottle a few times and press it hard on the inflatable nozzle. Generally, it will be full in six seconds (it is recommended to use gas of more than 5 yuan) .
3. The quality of the gas affects the firing rate of the lighter. Many people say that the lighter is broken. In fact, it is those two dollars a bottle of gas.

Expansion information
1. The windproof lighter uses a higher gas ejection speed, which can form a lower pressure on the appropriate part of the air flow channel of the lighter, so that more air can be "sucked" in and fully mixed with the gas of the lighter to react violently. , combustion, the high temperature formed by the flame makes the gas more expanded, the pressure increases, and the flame is ejected at a higher speed.
2, so it is not easy to extinguish. If the fire goes out, the hot metal grill will instantly reignite the fire.
A simple description is to increase the airflow jet to provide sufficient combustible gas. Increases the heat accumulation, providing the ambient temperature where the gas continues to burn, which is done through that coil of filaments (at the vent).
3. Some people say why the flame color of the windproof lighter is different from the ordinary one? The secret lies in the material of its flame wire. Everyone who has studied chemistry should know that certain metals or their compounds have different flame colors when they are burned in a colorless flame. For example, the flame color of sodium element is light yellow, the flame color of potassium element is purple, and the flame color of copper element is green.