Lighter type distinction


First, utility distinction The primary is divided into: […]

First, utility distinction
The primary is divided into: open flame lighter, windproof lighter, grinding wheel lighter
Second, the appearance of the process distinction
From the appearance of the lighter can be divided into, clear color, semi-bright color, solid color, candy color, frosted, spray glue (rubber), snake skin, spray paint, vacuum coating, all-inclusive paper, semi-coated paper, granular paper
Third, type distinction
Lighter types are generally indicated by 3 to 4 alphanumeric symbols, each type has its own independent shape, up to dozens, such as:
909, 606, 721, 309, 2018, 860, 156, 111, 818, 658, 520, and the like. For the production assembly, each type must have a corresponding set of molds and assembly remakes.
Fourth, distinguish from high temperature resistance
The common high-temperature functions of the lighters on the market are about 50 degrees. If the lighter exceeds this temperature, there is a high possibility of air leakage or blasting.