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What kinds of lighters are there?

Update:02 Jul,2021
Summary:Every man who smokes can't do without a lighter, but how should one choose a lighter? The types of l...
Every man who smokes can't do without a lighter, but how should one choose a lighter? The types of lighters can be divided into oil-cotton lighters, gas lighters and electronic lighters from the perspective of the fuel used and structural characteristics.
Oil-cotton lighters: use gasoline as fuel, and the steel wheels collide with calcium carbide on fire. This kind of lighters are becoming obsolete.
Gas lighter: Use liquefied butane gas as fuel, use steel wheel conflict calcium carbide as ignition source, the flame size can be adjusted, and its transmission ignition structure has three types: conflict type, click type and hand dial.
Electronic lighter: Using two pieces of piezoelectric ceramics and a carbon film resistor, through a mechanical structure, a certain pressure is applied to make the two ceramics touch the electric, and the sparks are ignited with butane gas. It is a relatively high-end lighter.
When buying a lighter, first choose the type and style you like, and then you can choose according to the following requirements. The electroplating sleeve should be bright and clean in color, and should not have defects such as blistering, peeling, peeling, etc.; the aluminum oxide layer should not have whiteness, serious water stains, mandarin duck color and peeling, etc.; the initial index ignition rate should be above 90%; The gas lighter shall not have obvious flashing, shrinking, etc. phenomena. After the fuel tank is refueled, no oil leaks; no gas leaks after the gas lighter is inflated. The flame adjustment plate adjustment and the bottom adjustment screw should be sensitive and able to control the flame height. To